Uncensored: An Anthology of Creative Expression Spanning Four Decades (© 1993) is a collection of poems and songs that chronicle my life from 1965 to 1993, much like a diary. Many of the songs have been previously released and published. However, much of the material is being premiered. My earliest and most recent creations round out this compilation.


The material in Uncensored is presented in chronological order (more or less) so that you can follow in my footsteps and witness my progression as an artist, musican, and person. A user friendly alphabetical Index is included at the end to help you find a favorite or particular composition more quickly.

There is no single word that describes or categories the prose and songs included in this book. My themes are political, personal, and universal. The title Uncensored refers to my style of writing and creative process. My style is forthright. I say what I think and feel with honesty, passion and compassion. My creative process is spontaneous and free-hearted. I do very limited editing of my ideas and feelings once captured on paper. I do not always understand the meaning of my thoughts and emotions at the timed, but I trust that they are innocent and true. Therefore, I choose neither to repress them, nor polish or censor them for public consumption.