I have written an essay on Choice (2003), a Tribute to my mother upon her death in 2014, and numerous songbooks all of which are available for download for FREE, including:

  • Smiles and Frowns, Life's Up It's Downs! (© 1970)
  • Ann's Original Music Tape (© 1982)
  • Hard to Begin (© 1987)
  • Making Up Music (© 1993)
  • Just A Girl In Love (© 1993)
  • Uncensored,  An Anthology of Creative Expression Spanning Four Decades (© 1993)
  • Second Chances (© 1999)
  • Since When (© 2011)

Hard to Begin (1987) is a collection of 19 songs written during my residency in Pullman, WA, from September 1982 to January 1987. Hard to Begin is also available on tape.

Uncensored: An Anthology of Creative Expression Spanning Four Decades (1993) is a collection of poems and songs that chronicle life from 1965 to 1993, much life a diary. Many of the songs here have been previously released and published. However, much of the material-new and old-is being premiered. My earliest and most recent creations round out this compliltion.

Second Chances: Odds & Ends Before the New Millennium (1999) picks up where Uncensored left off. It's a collection of 10 songs and poems written between April 1993 and September 1999.

Since When (2011) picks up where Second Chances left off in 1999. It's a miscellany of poetry written over a 12 year period from 2000 to 2011, including a new rendition of "Things I Like" and 9 other new poems.